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Exposed under the light

The movie we watched today based on the play “A Street Car Named Desire” was different in quite a few ways. The movie chose a different and perhaps a happier ending when the play did not. The play ended with Stella, Blanche’s sister, being held by her husband when she was upset over Blanche leaving for the asylum. But the movie showed Stella refusing to go back to her house with her baby while Stanley is screaming at her to do so. Since the plot depicted Stanley to be abusive and having anger issues, especially toward Stella – Stella’s decision to not go back to him was a happy ending for me.

The part where Mitch and Blanche were arguing after Mitch found everything out about her was one of the most important parts. Blanche had been living her life in the darkness. She just did not hide her past or her mind, but she was a walking secret. She hid from everyone. She put on a drape over everyone’s eyes. She was insecure about her looks and she needed constant validation from everyone. She was scared of losing her youth and beauty to age. She always spoke in a gracious and careful way. Her words were always trying to form into poetry when spoken. She presented this artistic tragedy throughout the play. She carried the guilt of her husband’s death. She internalized the guilt and it caused her to be insecure and scared. Yet, she attempted to have a somewhat positive outlook toward life. But during that part with Mitch, she was exposed under the light. Mitch forced her into revealing her true self – both about her past life and about her physical beauty. She did not want people to see her for who she was because Blanche believed she was ugly. She admitted to hiding behind the darkness. She admitted to having lived a life where she had to sleep with many men to bury her sadness and guilt about her dead husband. She finally opened up and was true to herself and mitch. Her age was showing on her face and her voice sounded heavy. She was seen under the light. This was Blanche – the Blanche that was owning up to her past and claiming it. She was remorseless about her sexual conduct. She did what she had to. Above all, she respected herself and refused anything less.

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